Overview Of Cannabis For Pets

Cannabis-based products have become quite famous in recent years for human and animal use. Initial studies show that CBD products made with the Cannabis sativa plant (hemp) have healing and therapeutic properties.

Just like humans, CBD is equally effective against anxiety, pain, seizures, and mobility-related issues in pets. In general, pet medicines are quite expensive and are full of chemicals; hence, there is a rising demand for cannabis products to treat multiple health conditions in pets.

Unlike traditional medicines, CBD for pets has no severe side effects and is generally well tolerated. As per some reports, the market for pet CBD products is expected to grow at around a CAGR of 31% between 2023 and 2030. This article will cover everything for pet owners who are curious about using CBD for their furballs.

What Is CBD For Pets?

CBD for pets is a specially formulated cannabidiol product for animals. They are mainly available in the form of oils, treats, chews, capsules, and rolls. For the best experience, you can visit Colorado Botanicals to buy their CBD oil for pets.

Unlike human products, most CBD pet products have zero THC in them. Plus, they are made with specific flavors and ingredients that are more suitable for animals’ taste preferences and health.

Hence, pet owners should avoid giving their human CBD oil to pets because it may lead to toxicity or some severe side effects in their furry companions. Pet CB products often have meaty textures and aromas and a specific set of enzymes that are not available in human CBD products.

Though the main ingredient, CBD (cannabidiol), is the same in both and is derived from the aerial parts of high-quality hemp plants, For pet CBD products, further filtration is done to remove the THC completely.

Are Cannabis Products Safe For Dogs And Cats?

Dogs and cats are the most owned pets across the country; hence, you’ll find that most pet CBD products are targeted towards them. In most cases, yes, products like CBD chews, CBD oils, or CBD treats are perfectly safe for dogs and cats.

Many brands offer different types of CBD oil for cats and different types for dogs, mainly based on their flavor preferences. Cats in general are more picky when it comes to food compared to dogs.

Many pet owners in CBD-legal states now give CBD to their pets for post-surgery pain management and separation anxiety issues. Even though veterinarians are not legally allowed to prescribe cannabis products to animals legally, they can still discuss its efficacy with pet owners for educational purposes.

You’ll find plenty of anecdotal reports from pet owners who report that CBD has done wonders for improving their pet’s overall wellness. However, owners should be careful and must buy CBD for their pets only from reputable brands after thoroughly checking the lab test reports and ingredients used.

How Cannabis Works In Animals?

Just like humans, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system in their bodies. This endocannabinoid system is spread through their bodies and is responsible for maintaining a state of balance.

The edocannabinoid system is a complex cell signaling network that controls a variety of physiological functions such as pain perception, anxiety levels, sleep, metabolism, appetite, coordination, and more.

The endocannabinoid system mainly consists of different enzymes and receptors, which are affected by endocannabinoids produced by the animal’s body, and external cannabinoids like CBD. Dogs have higher levels of CB1 receptors than other animals, which makes them much more receptive to CBD use.

Unlike humans, animal bodies metabolize cannabinoids in a different way; hence, it’s essential to give them only zero-THC CBD products. Studies have shown that, in dogs, CBD may provide relief from arthritis pain, seizures, separation or travel anxiety, and aggression caused by fear. But more on that later. In short, CBD works in animals by influencing the workings of their endocannabinoid system.

Benefits Of Cannabis For Pets

Let’s take a look at all the benefits pet CBD products have to offer for your furry friends.

  • Relief from pain: CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which can provide immense relief from pain caused by injuries while playing, muscle spasms, or joint pains. It may also provide comfort after surgeries.

    This latest study shows that CBD is safe and effective for treating Osteoarthritis in canines. It’s a degenerative disease that leads to inflammation in the external and internal joints in dogs.

  • Anxiety and Stress: Cats and dogs often suffer from separation anxiety when their owner leaves them at home alone. Plus, some also get stressed while traveling; the change in place and routine can even lead to further complications in their health.

    Studies have shown that CBD has a calming effect, which can help pets by reducing anxiety, stress, and fear-related behaviors. It can help them deal with separation and fear of noise, and it may also reduce aggressive behavior.

  • Improve Skin Health: Nowadays, you can find CBD-infused pet paw rolls and creams on many sites. These CBD topicals can improve your pet’s skin health by providing relief from dead or dry skin, allergies, scar pain, and itching.

    They may also result in better, healthy, and shiny fur or coat quality. Pet CBD topicals also have hydrating properties, which may keep your pet’s skin lush and healthy.

The Final Note

To sum it up, cannabis products like CBD oils and treats are quite effective in improving your pet’s overall wellness. Studies have shown that CBD for pets can help them with separation anxiety, traveling stress, pain, appetite, seizures, and aggression issues. Just like humans, animals also have an endocannabinoid system, which CBD interacts with to produce healing and therapeutic effects.

Pet CBD products are formulated with specific flavors and ingredients that are necessary for your pet’s taste preferences and health. Hence, pet parents should refrain from giving their pets human CBD oil.

One should always buy CBD oil for their pets only from reputable brands like Colorado Botanicals. They provide you with the latest lab test reports and a well-explained dosage chart for your pet’s needs. The best way to give your pet CBD is to sprinkle a few drops of CBD oil on their favorite wet or dry food. If your pet is docile and co-operates well, then you may also directly drop the oil in their mouth.


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