How to Start Marijuana Delivery Service

So you have finally made up your mind to start a Marijuana weed delivery service? It’s a profitable business idea as the drug has been legalized in most states and there are not many delivery services. Therefore, the competition is quite low, it’s a high-time jump in, build a settler reputation, and earn a good amount of money.

However, the issue is that starting a Marijuana delivery service is a bit trickier than most businesses of such type. You have to make several choices and start it right. Otherwise, it would just be a waste of time and money.

Need guidance? Here is how you can start the Marijuana delivery service:
  • Know and pick the type of service that suits you
  • Know the laws
  • Determine your delivery radius
  • Get the vehicle
  • Make arrangement to store the inventory
  • Do the promotion
Know and pick the type of service that suits you

There are three different types of Marijuana delivery services. You can be a courier company that delivers for local dispensaries, an online shop that delivers at doorstep, or choose to own an in-house delivery service. Search each of three types thoroughly, gather information, and finalize what suits your needs the most. If you do not have much resources, pick up the type that requires less effort and capital. Once your business is established, you will have the option to expand your business.

Know the laws

Even though Marijuana is legalized, yet the state requires you to follow some rules. If you go against the rules, you will be punished and might even be ordered to shut down the operations. It is quite hard to guide you on the laws as each state has its own. Therefore, take proper legal advice and take oath to follow them as well.

Determine your delivery radius

Once the decision is taken, you have to determine the delivery radius as well. If you increase the delivery radius, the expenses will increase, if it’s kept small, the expenses would be bearable. Know what you afford and how long you can deliver to determine the suitable delivery radius.

Get the vehicle

To start a Marijuana delivery service, it’s the need of the hour to get a vehicle to start the operations. You can get any vehicle that is temperature controlled, capable of storing the Marijuana, and has an alarm system.

Make arrangement to store the inventory

As soon as the vehicle is finalized, you have to make arrangements to store inventory as well. Wherever you choose to store the inventory, make sure it is properly packed in glass containers and remains at a favorable temperature.

Do the promotion

Once the Marijuana delivery service is properly established, you have to tell people about your services. Advertise to let the people know that you are delivering Marijuana to doorsteps. In some states, you will not be allowed to promote the business as you normally do. So, know the rules of your state and do the promotion accordingly.


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