How Safe Is The Durban Poison Terpene?

Some people wonder whether the Durban Poison terpene is safe to consume. We cannot really blame them, because the name of the terpene is such that safety becomes a concern, but the truth is that this strain, as well as any other terpene you talk about, is completely safe to use and consume in whatever way you deem fit.

Natural Oils

When the question arises, ‘’Are terpenes safe?’’, the answer should be yes because they are nothing other than natural oils. Found in abundance in nature, terpenes are secreted by plants and they give plants and flowers their own unique aromas and scents. They are responsible for flowers having amazing scents too.

So yes, the truth is that you can use any terp you want, and it will be safe. Of course, it is extremely important to follow a few things to ensure safety.

How to Know Your Terpene is Safe for You to Use

Here are some pointers to help you:

Choose and buy your Durban Poison terpene from a well-known and reputed seller. This is the most important way you can be assured that the terpene or blend you buy is perfectly safe. Some unscrupulous sellers will pass off a low-quality product but you don’t want any of that. Keep away from anyone that does not look trustworthy.

Use only in a small amount. Whether you are putting the terp in your vape pen or putting a dollop of it in your cookie dough, use only a small amount. This is crucial because too much of it will not only be unsafe, but it may make the consumer experience less than satisfactory. For instance, putting too much of it in any cooked dish can totally ruin the taste!

It is best to choose a terpene product that has a pure plant profile. A product that is lead-free and toxin-free is also a good choice. You should be careful about the additives added to the product you buy; the lesser of them, the better it is for you.

Consuming it safely is also important. Use tools that are known for doing an excellent job so that your Durban Poison terpene is used effectively.

As you can see, terpenes by themselves are completely safe because they are very natural. As long as you buy from known sellers who are doing a good job, you should be safe. So always buy your products from known manufacturers.


What is Durban Poison good for?

Durban Poison is a high-quality cannabis strain used to treat conditions ranging from depression to anxiety to migraines and epilepsy.

Does Durban Poison make you sleepy?

Many people consider this energizing, pure Sativa a go-to for getting their creative juices flowing. It’s the polar opposite of sedating, with many users reporting it’s the most energizing strain they’ve ever tried. THC and CBD levels: THC content ranges from 17 to 26 percent.


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