4 Things To check before Buying Any E-Liquid

Deciding to switch from nicotine and cigarettes to vaping can benefit your life in various ways. Everyone who presently smokes should consider it a good option, and with the wide variety of vapes and e-liquids available today, you can be sure that there will be a perfect blend for everyone.

You want to ensure that you’re selecting the best liquid for your requirements, and to accomplish this, you need to consider a few key factors. Therefore, we have put together a helpful guide for anyone attempting to pick the best cheap e-liquid for their vape.

What exactly are E-Liquids?

E-liquid, also referred to as “vape liquid” or “vape juice,” is the substance that produces flavorless vapor in vape kits and e-cigs. The three major components of e-liquids are flavor enhancers, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerine. Most e-liquids also contain nicotine, although many vape juice flavors have nicotine-free choices.

Although there are many different “types” of e-liquid, they all typically fit into a few different categories. You should be aware of the below-mentioned things if you’re new to vaping, so you can select the appropriate kind for your vape kit or e-cigarette.

4 Important Things To Consider Before Buying E-Liquid

When heated, the e-liquid produces an extremely pleasurable vapor for the user, much like smoking a real cigarette. Therefore, there might be better ideas than using any old e-liquid for your electronic cigarette. When selecting an e-liquid, you need to take the following things into account:

1. Nicotine Strength

If you have started vaping to quit cigarettes, you should buy an e-juice with nicotine in it. What’s left to choose from now is the Nicotine strength for the e-liquid, which depends on how much you used to smoke.

  • Social smokers (those who smoke once or twice per week) should select a lower nicotine dose, such as 3 mg; this is frequently the last step for individuals who have stopped smoking and no more need a substantial hit. You can purchase 0mg juice to enjoy vaping without hunger.
  • We advise a strength of 6mg for a light smoker for people who smoke fewer than 10 cigarettes per day. This strength is suitable for those who prefer vaping but still need a little nicotine buzz because it is still regarded as being on the lower end of the scale.
  • A 12mg e-liquid is a great place to start for your everyday smoking habit because it helps you transition and substitute the amount you’d get from traditional cigarettes. An average smoker who smokes up to a pack per day should choose a 12mg e-liquid.
  • The most substantial dose, 18 mg or even 24, should be used for heavy smokers or those who smoke one or more than one pack of cigarettes every day. This is for regular users that require a large amount of nicotine to be fully satisfied when vaping.

Choosing the correct nicotine strength is crucial as it ensures you can quit smoking while getting the same satisfaction and not being too overwhelmed by the vaping experience.

2. E-Liquid Flavour

There are hundreds of e-liquid flavors and brands to select from, so picking one depends entirely on personal preference. In the past, people switching from cigarettes to vaping would start with a tobacco or mint-based e-liquid since it had a more recognizable flavor and feel. However, more people are switching to a tropical or sweet flavor instead. Finding something you genuinely like and prefer to the typical taste of cigarettes is the secret to quitting. Then, with more experience, you can develop your recipes and combine different liquids to make unique concoctions.

A 10ml bottle contains many reasonably priced options, allowing you to experiment with them at home. Once you’ve found your favorites, you can save money by purchasing them in short fills, which are larger bottles with 0 mg of nicotine that you mix with a nicotine shot to generate the desired dosage.


3. PG/VG- Purpose and Ratio

You can find the ratio of two significant elements in every e-liquid- PG, and VG (vegetable glycerin) (propylene glycol). While PG is thinner, VG is a heavier material. The PG acts as a flavor carrier, and the VG creates clouds. Your desired experience and the vape kit you’re using will determine the type of blend you should choose. Choose a combination like 50:50 if you want a similar experience to smoking but with a stronger throat hit more flavor, and less vapor.

The best vape for this is a basic kit with a coil of at least 1 ohm in resistance. You should increase the VG concentration if you want to create clouds big enough to block out the sun, a softer throat hit, and aren’t as concerned with a robust flavor. Go for a ratio of 70VG:30PG or above.

4. Price

Before purchasing anything, money is the first thing we keep in mind. Therefore, you must make an informed decision on how much money you are willing to pay for what kind of products. Before purchasing, keep these things in mind:

  • Choose the liquid base you need and confirm that the e-liquid flavor is of a good caliber.
  • Only accept the best product at a fair price.
  • Before selecting an e-liquid with a specific price, consider the device you’ll use and the actual cost. Think twice before purchasing a costly item because there are e-liquids available at various pricing points.

You can always mix your e-liquid if the pre-made options are too expensive. The basic combinations and flavoring concentrates are frequently sold separately by vendors. That is excellent if you want to cut costs or build a unique base that still needs to be added.


When considering all the options, selecting your first e-liquid can seem like a labyrinth. However, if you can pinpoint your requirements using our guidance, you may choose the kind of e-liquid you should start with. After that, you may begin discovering the fantastic and diverse world of e-liquid flavors!


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